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Current and Upcoming Issues Confronting Inland Lakes (Large File)

Annual Meeting was held Saturday, July 31,2010

We are pleased that Dr. Alan Steinman presented this year’s program entitled,

Upcoming Issues Confronting Inland Lakes.

Dr. Steinman received his PhD in Botany/Aquatic Ecology from Oregon State University and is Director of Grand Valley State University’s Annis Water Resources Institute.  He has previously been the Director of the Lake Okeechobee Restoration Program in southern Florida and is a current member of U.S. EPA’s Science Advisory Board for the Upper Great Lakes.  He has testified before Congress and the Michigan and Florida state legislatures and has been invited to speak throughout the world.  Dr. Steinman is frequently interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR), commenting on such issues as the ecological implications to the Great Lakes from a potential Asian Carp invasion.  

Dr. Steinman’s research interests include nutrient cycling in aquatic ecosystems, sustainability of water resources, restoration ecology and algal ecology. 

His PowerPoint presentation can be viewed by the selection on the left.

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