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A two mile swim across the lake was a holiday challenge for Garret Jacobs ! Garret started his swim at 10:30am on Sunday, July 05 and finished it at 11:34am the same day !!  Garret was accompanied by his Mom, Barbara Jacobs and friend Eric Plonczynski who followed him in a kayak, making sure he was okay.  Garret started his swim from  his grandparents cottage,  Harry(deceased)  and Barbara Jacobs, located east of Lincoln Avenue near the mouth of Indiana Pete Bayou.

Garret is a graduate of Ball State University, majoring in aquatics, and is working with this program in Indianapolis.

The Jacobs family is now fourth generation on the lake, thanks to William and Ann Lawrence who left them this wonderful legacy . Our family spent many summers fishing and enjoying the fruits of their labor keeping our property clean and beautiful for future generations. The Jacobs will be celebrating fifty years at the lake next year..so when you're passing by..give us a wave ! 


Barbara Jacobs and family

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