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Aquatic Plant Surveys

In order to measure the change from year-to-year, a tour the lake is taken near Memorial Day and again near Labor Day.  This has been done this for the years 2007 and 2008.

During the tour, "boatable" water is kept to the port and "weeds" to the starboard.  Comparing the two "tours" gives an observation of the weed-growth during the Summer.

The table below shows where the weeds are by area of the lake.

Year 2007 2008  
East section 205 273 acres
North section 43.5 19.5 acres
West section 24.4 13.5 acres
South section 25.9 50.1 acres
Total 299 356 acres

To view more detailed information on each of these four parts of the lake, click on an image below:


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