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North Bayou History

 Judy Mohan, North Bayou,2005

 North Bayou Resort

At the south edge of the bayou mouth in North Bayou Resort and Marina which has served the area in various capacities since the early 1900’s.  Remembered by some as an early tavern with dance floor, the end-of-the-line for the dummy train from Ludington, the site from which other Hamlin Lake resorts picked up guests arriving at the like via the dummy train, or as a supply center with limited groceries and an ice cream counter, the resort currently offers three rental cabins, boat slips, a bait and tackle shop and marine gas.  In the 1950’s the resort’s main structure was moved from the east side of the street to the west side, and raised to sit atop a lower level that now functions as the resort’s commercial area. 

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  Hamlin Lake Preservation Society, PO Box 178, Ludington, MI 49431