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Record of ACTIVITY

 December 28, 2011

Added Jim Maddux to the committee.  Jim is the property owner to the south.

November 24, 2011

Jim Clark met with Carl Carie, of Carie's Marine & Home Construction.  Carl convinced Jim that the DNR would never allow any fill in Hamlin Lake, even though we would be repairing documented erosion.

Carl opined that it might cost $7, 000 to put rip-rap on the north shore and $7,000 to put in a boat launch.

From that, Jim is thinking that a project for both sides and the boat launch might be estimated at $28,000 for talking purposes.

June 23, 2011

Meeting at the Duneview road-end with:

1.      Gary Ditmer, Director, Road Commission

2.      David Hassenbank, Drain Commissioner

3.      Nancy Vandervest, Township Supervisor

4.      Jim Clark


1.      Remove any reference to filling the submerged south ditch from the project.

2.      Learned that we will need a DEQ Joint Permit Application (EQP 2731).

3.      We will work with Barry Peterman, DEQ, to file the permit.


June ??, 2011

Meeting at the Duneview road-end with:

1.      Nancy Vandervest, Township Supervisor

2.      Lynn Hoepfinger, HLPS

3.      Keith Crompton, HLPS

4.      Jim Clark, HLPS


1.      Need to involve Road Commission and the Drain Commissioner



June 16, 2011

Email from Beaupre:

1.      Remove any reference to ‘parking’ from our proposal.


June 10, 2011

Meeting at the Duneview road-end with:

5.      Dale Beaupre, Neighbor Riparian

6.      Lynn Hoepfinger, HLPS

7.      Keith Crompton, HLPS

8.      Jim Clark, HLPS


1.      There is active erosion dragging soft soil into Hamlin Lake.

2.      Erosion has been occurring for at least 60 to 80 years.

3.      HLPS will take a leadership role in a fix.

4.      The first approach would be to fill the eroded area all the way back to straight across.


May 28, 2011

Meeting at the Duneview road-end with:

1.      Dale Beaupre, Neighbor Riparian

2.      Lynn Hoepfinger, HLPS

Dale Beaupre lives around the corner on Sumach.  He said that he has monitored the Duneview road end for many years.  The ramp used to hit the water out where the old sea wall posts can be seen.  That means about 20 ft of erosion.  He said erosion is still happening with the worst being from the massive flood of 2008 when about 5’ disappeared.  He said the info board used to be quite a distance from the water.  Now it is about 5’.  His recommendation is to stabilize the banks at their current location by putting down some matting and cover it with large rocks like those against the sea wall to the north.  Then stabilize the boat ramp itself by putting down some 21aa crushed stones.  He didn’t recommend doing anything with the ditch because it is a drainage ditch.  He also recommended not upgrading the launch too much because there is no parking there and we shouldn’t be competing with Dave M.’s resort.



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