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Charlotte Green Schryer

 Seward Green, my grandfather, bought our lake property in June 1946 from Gregory Bryant.  In those days we pumped our water by hand, took baths in the lake, had an outhouse, and heated the cottage by a pot bellied stove.  We ate fish every night for dinner.  At the end of May/early June everyone who went fishing caught their limit everyday.  My mother, Vera Green, fried fish in an iron skillet, she was an expert and we ate every last fish!

 In 1971 our old cottage was torn down since it was a fire hazard.  Over the years it kept getting hit by lighting.  My dad, Frank Green, built a new cottage on Grandview Point which was the very end of Piney Ridge Road.  Frank Green still summers there.


Over 50 kids have learned to water ski on Hamlin Lake behind a now 44 year old ski and fishing boat.  The Grandview sees mink, blue heron, all kinds of wild life and people in trouble.  We rescued four people who capsized in a 16 foot boat with only one life vest.  It was hard pulling four adults out of the water into our boat before what they were hanging on to sank. 

 One day we watched a canoe capsize.  The canoe and a life jacket were drifting away.  We jumped into the boat and headed right out.  It was hard to find him, but we picked up a young boy who was very happy to see us.  Later he sent us a very heart felt thank you note that still hangs in our hallway.

 My sister Debra Green Kosko was married on Grandview Point.  There were people standing on their docks watching the ceremony.  We decorated boats instead of cars and the wedding party toured the lake.  Debra and David climbed the sand dune with the bride still in her wedding dress and had their pictures taken. 

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